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Dear GCNM Students:

This is a very sad situation. I predict there will be major lawsuits emanating from some of your classmates, if not a class action suit, which I believe will eventually happen. Unfortunately, the destination school for GCNM transfer students remains a mystery! How much will this school offer to pay GCNM for their student transfer list? You will never know the answer to this question.



The University of Natural Health will give you and your fellow classmates from the now defunct Global College of Natural Medicine the opportunity to finish your degree.

The University of Natural Health will honor all of your GCNM credits. There's NO NEED to take your classes over again.

Dr. Paul Fanny,
UNH Academics Director

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The University of Natural Health is a unique accredited post-secondary distance learning institution.

We provide you, the student, with the opportunity to earn a B.S./M.S./Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition Degree, a B.S./M.S./Ph.D. in Holistic Natural Health & Healing Degree, an N.D. Degree or a Certificate in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition.

Start Earning your Degree Today.

The College of Natural Health, which is a branch of The University of Natural Health, might be another post-secondary school to consider.

Although The College of Natural Health curriculum is not as extensive as The University of Natural Health, it has degree programs that are unique and not available at The University.

See our GCNM Student Transfer Offer.

college student

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Global College of Natural Medicine $$$ Solution.
GCNM Student Financial Aid & Grants Offered.

20% to 50% GCNM Tuition Grants (including a $500 Tuition Courtesy Discount) with FREE Degree & Course Credit Program Transfers available at The University of Natural Health!

Global College of Natural Medicine Students! Global College no longer has an official Global College of Natural Medicine Facebook page or GCNM Facebook page, so for further information, please complete the contact form on the left side of this page. We will respond to you within 24 hours and explain all of the benefits that we are providing GCNM Students.

GCNM Student Questions & Answers

WHY did GCNM go out of business after all these years?

Because the "Grandfather Clause" in California that allowed them a license to degree grant for many years was revoked.

Why you may not receive the full tuition that you paid!

Because it probably will be an insurance "Class Action Suit" settlement, as it was with Clayton College of Natural Health, and the settlement will be prorated.

I, Paul Fanny, Academics Director of UNH and also a former Clayton College student, received only $54.80 as a settlement after paying almost $5000 cash back in 1992. Don't expect much more than a prorated version of what you paid because you will be very disappointed. What's done cannot be undone no matter how upset you become or stay. It's now time to move on to higher ground.

Paul Fanny, Academics Director of UNH

WHY GCNM could be selling their student transfer list to another school for Financial Gain!

Are GCNM Students being duped and misled again with false promises and recommendations to other schools?

Beware Global College of Natural Medicine Students !

From Lisa (GCNM Student): Dr. Fanny, please explain the E-mail and Form #6000 that I just received from Kingdom College of Natural Health. Since I no longer trust GCNM and possibly anyone they are associated with, I need other professional opinions so I can make my own informed decision instead of possibly being misled all over again.

Hi Lisa, (GCNM Student)

"Seek Truth & It will Set You Free is my Philosophy."
Why would Kingdom College work for free when they will have expenses incurred to teach-out students?  GCNM may not be paying KCNH but that does not mean they might not be paying an affiliate of KCNH. Someone has to pay for the time to teach-out students. By the way, Lisa, did you give permission to GCNM to give your email address to KCNH? Students files are legally confidential.

Since all GCNM students were not given advanced warning when GCNM knew that they were not going to be in business for at least a year or more, what legal guarantee do you have that you will receive your degree or certification upon completion of your teach-out program? KCNH is located in another country called Guam in which you would not have legal standing should you have problems. At least in the U.S., if you have legal issues with The University of Natural Health, you can take them to court. But, not in Guam.

In the e-mail that Kingdom College of Natural Health sent GCNM students states: "Remember, you are not transferring into a Kingdom College of Natural Health (KCNH) study program, but we are merely providing the "teach-out" for the program in which you are currently enrolled."

First, Form #6000 appears to be an enrollment application form from Global, but if you read carefully, it is clearly written by Kingdom College of Natural Health and not GCNM.  Then it contradicts the top of the form when the first sentence begins with - "This application is not a contract (or an official enrollment agreement)" and then KCNH states:  "When we receive your completed application, we shall check all your information with the records we've received from GCNM in California. Then, we will send you an official agreement for enrollment (contract) which you must sign and return to us in order to become officially enrolled as a student."

I thought this was a "teach-out" performed by KCNH and not another additional enrollment and for what purpose is my query. If the email states that you are not transferring into a Kingdom College of Natural Health study program, then why do you have to sign an official enrollment contract with Kingdom College if you are already enrolled with GCNM and this is just a "teach-out" on Kingdom College's part for free?  This is a clear contradiction of statements and why would you want to sign on the dotted line. You need to ask yourself why they would do this for free because, in business, nothing is usually free which means Buyers Beware.

Dr. Fanny

Question from Ann, GCNM Student:
Why earn IRRELEVANT titles at QU such as "AMP", "DNM" and "IMD" when you can earn a Ph.D?

Dear Ann: I agree. It doesn't make sense to spend thousands of dollars for titles such as "AMP", "DNM", "IMD" when the public doesn't recognize the professional services you are offering. At UNH, we offer recognizable degrees such as a B.S./M.S./Ph.D. in Holistic Health and Nutrition.

Dr. Fanny